Credit Cards Review

Compare Westpac Credit Cards Compare Westpac credit cards – read our review and compare the features and benefits available from Westpac. We can help you to make an informed decision and find a card that suits you.

Westpac offers a comprehensive range of credit cards, each designed to accommodate a different set of credit needs. Across its range, Westpac credit cards cover every feature allowing you to choose a card that works for you.

If you like to travel, consider Westpac's range of earth credit cards. Westpac credit cards feature all the important aspects of other cards combined with a reward scheme allowing you to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points as you spend, which are automatically added to your account each month.

The Earth Credit Card range has been awarded a Cannex 5 star rating based on a review of 106 rewards schemes and more than 184 credit cards across Australia.

Westpac credit cards come with up to 55 interest free days on purchases (where applicable), which allows you to spread the costs of purchases over a manageable period. This allows you to benefit from interest free borrowing permitting the balance is paid off in full each month before the interest free period is reached. If you require additional time to make the payment in full, the typical interest rate will be applied to your balance.

Whether you're looking for a low rate credit card that comes with a low annual fee, extremely attractive standard APR charges on purchases and a low introductory balance transfer rate; or you would rather pay the extra on your annual fee to open a whole variety of benefits and features, such as Quantas frequent flyer points and low balance transfer rates, Westpac credit cards have a great credit solution to match.

Westpac Low Rate Card


Get 0% on Balance Transfers for 24 months on balance transfers requested at card application (1% balance transfer fee applies). Rate then reverts to applicable variable cash advance rate of 19.49%. 1st year No Annual Fee, then only $59.

Introductory Offer
Balance Transfer Rate: 0% p.a. for 24 months
Balance Transfer Fee: 1%
Purchase Rate: N/A
Annual Rates
Balance Transfers: 13.49% p.a.
Purchases: 13.49% p.a.
Cash Advance: 19.49% p.a.
Annual Fee: 1st Year Free, then $59
Standard Features
Interest Free Days: Up to 55 days
On-Line Banking: Yes
Approval Criteria
  • You are at least 18 Years of Age
  • You have a Good Credit History
  • You are a permanent resident/citizen of Australia
  • You have an Income of over $15,

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