Smarty Pig
Savings Accounts Review

Compare SmartyPig Savings Accounts Compare SmartyPig Savings Accounts – read our review and compare the features and benefits available from SmartyPig. Make an informed decision to find a Savings Account that suits you.

SmartyPig savings accounts offer high interest online savings accounts provided by ANZ helping you to reach your savings goal. Interest earned from your balance is calculated daily and paid quarterly.

Opening an account is easy and won't cost you a cent! All you need to do is set up a savings goal of at least $250, and make an initial deposit of at least $10.

Here's  how it works:
  • First create a profile
  • Next decide on your goal (the amount you wish to save)
  • Now specify what it is you're saving for, such as a new car, kitchen, TV
  • Savings details, for example the amount you need to save; When you need it; SmartyPig will suggest a monthly contribution based on the information you provide that will be automatically transferred from the transaction or savings account you decide to use.
  • Get help from Friends and family - You can add the SmartyPig widget to your Facebook or MySpace page and invite your family and friends to help with your savings goal.
  • Once you reach your goal you can take out your savings and spend it on whatever it was you were saving for, it's that simple!

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