Term Deposits Review

Compare RaboPlus Term Deposits Compare RaboPlus Term Deposits – read our review and get a detailed breakdown of the terms and rates RaboPlus offer. Make an informed decision and find a term deposit to suit your savings needs.

RaboPlus Term Deposits are a great place to make your money work for you, with high interest rates fixed for a nominated period of time, you can get started with as little as $1,000 and up to $1million and this will be covered by Australian Government Guarantee and anything above this will be covered by RaboPlus's parent bank Rabobank.

PlaboPlus offers a range of terms, giving you the flexibility to choose an investment period that is most suitable for you. After your RaboPlus Term Deposit expires, you have the option to reinvest automatically.      

RaboPlus offers award winning term deposits and in 2008 it was awarded 'Best Long Term Deposit', by AFR Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards.

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