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Term Deposits Review

Compare Commonwealth Bank Term Deposits Compare Commonwealth Term Deposits – read our review and get a detailed breakdown of the terms and rates Commonwealth offer. Make an informed decision and find a term deposit to suit your savings needs.

Commonwealth Bank Term Deposits provide savers with an alternative to traditional savings accounts. Unlike regular accounts, term deposits offer a guaranteed return on your investment that can be calculated so you know exactly where you stand.

You work hard for your money, but with a Commonwealth Bank term deposit your funds will be working hard for you, providing you with a regular income while you sit back and watch your money grow. Your rate will remain the same for the duration of the term, so you are able to calculate exactly how much interest you will earn for the term you agree to.

Choose from a range of terms ranging between a month and a year to suit your financial needs, investing from a minimum of $5,000 up to $499,999.99.

All Commonwealth Bank Term Deposits of up to $1 million per customer are protected by the Federal Government Deposit Guarantee free of charge, allowing you to be confident that your funds are 100% secure.

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